Bulletin 133 – August 2008

8 / 2008 at 12:55 am 3 comments


A great deal of attention is focused on Africa today, but hidden beneath all the talk about fighting poverty there are ambitious plans to exploit its enormous wealth. This widely heterogeneous continent, home to almost 900 million people, artificially divided into 53 states by European colonialism, is now under siege in the face of new advances by corporate globalization, while serving as the stage for the battle between the imperialists of old – the United States, European Union and Japan – and the economic and political expansion of China and India. It would seem that the future of the continent and its peoples is being decided in the distant seats of the world’s wealth and power.

Within this framework, WRM is also focusing its attention on Africa -not in order to talk about Africa, but rather to listen to what Africans themselves have to say. That is the whole purpose of this edition of the bulletin: to open up a space where Africa can speak about Africa.

We have created this blog where you can make comments on every article. We encourage and invite you to do so!





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Africa, my Africa!

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  • 1. Mindja Jeanne Marie  |  8 / 2008 at 9:17 am

    Hi Dear all, Bonjour chers tous,
    Je viens de lire avec plaisir la déclaration des femmes des Sous Régions Afrique de l’Ouest et Afrique de l’Est. Nous regrettons du fait que l’information relative à la tenue de cette pertinente rencontre ne nous avait pas été parvenu, car je suis la vice Coordonnatrice Régionale du Réseau Femmes Africaines pour le Développement Durable. Les prochaines seraient certainement les bonnes. Bon courage à tous!

  • 2. KeSEMaT  |  8 / 2008 at 1:44 pm

    Nice blog. We hope that we can work together to save our mangrove for our next generation. Let’s save our mangrove. NOW! Salam MANGROVER!

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